Flash Backs!!!

So I thought I would talk about a flash back I had today. Well my son inspired it, He made me think of his first Halloween¬†today. It was suck a blast. He wasn’t even 1 yet. But of course it is always fun to dress them up and take them trick-or-treating anyways. Although his father and I would be the ones eating all the candy. I dressed him up as a vampire. He had this adorable little outfit with a binky to match it. It was a great memory one that I will remember forever. landons first halloween


The joys of being a mom!

Well ihave been a mom now for 18 months. I can say that I have loved every minute of it, although there are some days you just can not wait for bedtime. I have a little boy and I remember being so excited for him to start walking and talking. Now I look back and wonder what in the world I was thinking. I did not have this little angel he is more like a destroying fingering little monkey. But I

My wonderful son


wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. He gets into everything, just recently he has figured out he can open the fridge and get what ever he wants if he is fast enough to get away without anyone else knowing. Still have not figured out a plan to stop that yet, but I am working on it. I am new to this so im not to sure what I am doing, but I do hope that someone finds it interesting. Hopefully I will get better as I go on.

Just a few things I thought would be interesting before I end my night.

Hello Bloggers!!

Well this is officially my first post. I figured I would just tell you a little about myself and what I am here for. I am 20 and a mother of one boy who is 18 months. I am a young mom so I though I would share all of my tips and experiences with you. I know that I have always looked up advice on problems I have had so I thinks it is about time I share my tips with some of you. So I hope you like my future post and decide to follow along. I am looking forward to this new journey in my life.